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About Us

Sampression is our way of showing people our love for WordPress. A dedicated team of designers, developers and WordPress enthusiasts.

Who we are

We have been working with WordPress as our major CMS for our clients since its inception in 2003. We wanted to contribute to the community that has given us so much.

Sampression (संमप्रेशण) is a Nepali word meaning ‘To Publish’. We think it’s an appropriate name for what we want to do. We love to share our ideas via WordPress themes. Themes that are affordable and easy to set up for businesses of all size. is a joint venture between Last Door Solutions Pvt. Ltd. based in Kathmandu, Nepal and Idealaya Ltd. in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.

What we do

We build themes to serve a single purpose: to contribute to WordPress theme community. We take pride not only in the elegance of our themes but also their practicality. We build themes every day for people who share our love for WordPress.

Our Team

Our team comprises of professional WordPress developers and UI/UX experts. We are always working towards releasing themes that are simple, clean elegant and minimalistic.

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