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Sampression Lite 1.5.3 available

Sampression Lite has been updated, again. Download the Sampression Lite Version 1.5.3 today!

The following issues have been fixed, changed and added in this version:

  • Fixed: Comment count issue of posts
  • Fixed: Logo/Site title issue on both front-end and back-end
  • Fixed: CSS – Header spacing issue
  • Fixed: CSS – Search box focus issue
  • Fixed: CSS – Image caption issue
  • Fixed: Javascript issues – Uploading Logo on Theme Options
  • Fixed: Blank content search
  • Fixed: Blank category meta on search page
  • Added: Buttons/Links on Theme Options header
  • Changed: Copyright text
  • Changed: Translation (.po and .mo files)

We have crossed 100,000th milestone. Thank you for your continued support and suggestions!

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Sampression Pro has been launched!

In accordance to the feedback from our beloved customers and with every bug fixed and each problem taken care of we are now introducing a new premium theme – “Sampression Pro”.

Sampression Pro theme is easy to use with great theme options. It is a minimal and retina ready theme with multiple layout options and is also translation ready. Featuring a user friendly Pinterest style masonry effect, Sampression Pro also comes bundled with unlimited font icons. The theme is capable of easily adapting to extensive variety of screen size, devices and major browsers.

Sampression Pro normally costs US$ 49.00.

Use the coupon code sampro while purchasing the theme and get a 50% discount on it. This discount is limited to 31st March, 2015 only.

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Happy blogging!

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Using Facebook for Business

You have used Facebook at least at one point even if not every day, so you know the importance of using it for business and about how it can help you find new customers with its boundless user base. While marketing your business through Facebook might not seem like rocket science, actually doing it can be a whole different story.

Facebook marketing do’s and don’ts:

  • Do not ignore your customers’ comments on your business, negative or positive. It will only disappoint them or make them angry. So even if you can’t reply to each comment in accordance to its need, replying with a simple “thank you” can create a better impression. And you can always solve some major issues in private.
  • Posting ads constantly from your page is like watching commercials during your favorite TV show. You don’t sit there watching those ads; you simply leave the room. And it’s the same with the users- they will simply exit the page. So make your posts more social and yet relevant to your business.
  • Avoid writing lengthy posts as much as possible. According to Kissmetric, “Posts with less than 80 characters received more than 66% engagement than lengthier counterparts.”
  • Post around 1 to 4 times a week to avoid cluttering your customers’ news feed.
  • Create a web address on Facebook and mention it on your business card, website or other marketing materials instead of buying likes. Forcing someone to like your page and influencing someone to like your page with your work can have completely different impacts on your business.
  • Let people in your life know about your page so that they can support you and promote it for you. It’s not about the likes; it’s all about a genuine connection.

But before you log into your Facebook to post something interesting, just sit down for a minute or two and think about what would excite you or generate your interest in reading a post as a customer and only then set out to conquering your adventure to Facebook marketing.

by Sampression

From Sampression Lite to Sampression Pro

Today, websites are the most effective ways to communicate with the world which is why people use them to share their personal stories, let others know about their business, sell products, market their services, share photos and videos they have taken and the like.

We released Sampression Lite on August 2012. This was our first step towards contributing a repository published free blogging theme to the community. But due to some technical reasons  we couldn’t focus on the contribution initiated, which we believe is the shortcoming of our team. And as soon as we realized it, we decided to introduce a much better version and started that endeavour for the love of our WordPress theme lovers. This realization enforced us into introducing a new theme, Naya Lite. We released the product in April, 2014.

We received overwhelming responses to the theme and just recently we crossed the 100,000th milestone. We have received thousands of suggestions about Sampression Lite from around the world and we have been working on releasing new versions with every bug fixed in accordance to those suggestions and we’ve released up to Version 1.5.2 till date. We gathered feedback from our customers and worked on the basis of those feedback to fulfill each and every need of our beloveds.

After 10 months’ period of feedback and data collection, we came up with an idea of a new theme we call Sampression Pro, which we are planning to launch during the last week of February. During this period, we learned about how our customers’ choice of the WordPress theme determines the most important aspects of our themes. Since most people are attracted by aesthetics, a best theme is the one that not only looks good but is also lean and lightweight, easy to customize, flexible, has standard features and great documentation, actively developed and well supported. Keeping these aspects in mind, we’ve come up with Sampression Pro with an assurance to provide you those features.

We’ve received tremendous support from you for Sampression Lite and we hope you will support us for Sampression Pro, too.

by Sampression

Naya Lite 1.0.11 is available for download

Naya Lite has been updated.

Download the latest version today!

Naya Lite Version 1.0.11
Naya Lite Version 1.0.11

Change Log:

  • Fixed: Audio player responsive css
  • Fixed: Some CSS issues
  • Removed: Sticky Post background color
  • Removed: SAM_FW_TIMTHUMB_DIR – Directory Location Constant
  • Removed: SAM_FW_WIDGETS_DIR – Directory Location Constant
  • Removed: SAM_FW_WIDGET_TPL_PART_DIR – Template Part Constants
  • Removed: SAM_FW_TIMTHUMB_URL – URL Location Constant
  • Removed: SAM_FW_WIDGETS_URL – URL Location Constant
  • Added: Script for do not submit search form if empty
  • Added: Open social media link on new tab
  • Added: SAM_NAYA_LITE_VERSION – Constant in init
  • Changed: Link of community forum on theme option page
  • Changed: screenshot.png
by Sampression

Sampression Lite 1.5.2 is available for download

Sampression Lite has been updated. Download the Sampression Lite Version 1.5.2 today!
This version has fixed / improved on various issues including:

  • Fixed: Overlapping issue of the posts
  • Fixed: CSS issue for featured image
  • Added: Language file (sampression.po) for translation

We’re nearing our 100K download milestone. We would like to thank you for your continued support and suggestions.

by Sampression

Naya Lite on WordPress

Our brand new theme Naya Lite just got listed on WordPress. Naya Lite is a responsive framework which can perfectly serve as a parent theme if they want to create their own child themes. For bloggers, Naya is a minimal blogging theme that takes their web presence back to the early days of blogging. While Naya Lite’s design justifies the idea of a good old fashioned blog, its features emphasize on being more modern and state-of-the-art. Being both responsive and retina-ready while still maintaining the look of a classic blog, Naya Lite perfectly manages to combine the past and future of blog design.
Naya Lite on!

You can download this theme at WordPress. We would really appreciate if you could review the theme for us – your feedback will be highly appreciated.

Spread the word to your friends too!

by Sampression

Sampression Lite is back in WordPress

Dear Sampression Users,

Sampression Lite is back in WordPress

Download Sampression Lite Version 1.5.1.
Sampression Lite is back in!


We’re nearing nearly 80k downloads and can’t wait for the number to reach 100k. Do spread the word and let your friends know that we’re back again in our community website.

Thank you for your patience and all the support.

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